Baguette Salami
Considering the growing importance of modern, convenient & accessible cooked meat, which is therefore sliced to facilitate its consumption, “Salaisons Chambost” have for several decades acquired well-known skill in the supply of slicing bars of dry Lyon cooked meat.
“Lyon Slab” obviously has a special place in this range.
A very characteristic product of Lyon dry cooked meat, the “Lyon Slab” (or Block) perpetuates the tradition of a dry specialty with a large generous slice, giving a rather supple texture reserved for discriminating people.
This very large format requires advanced technical know-how in terms of drying, on which “Salaisons Chambost” relies to offer a product with optimal drying and uniformity from the periphery to the heart of the slice.
It is presented in an ovoid bar of about 7.5 kg, vacuum-packed, and is obtainable in a Natural version, coated with pepper (the most widespread), coated with herbs (to bring a Mediterranean touch) and finally with “Beaufort” AOP (Protected Designation of Origin), thus marrying Lyon cooked-meat skill with the cheese-making tradition of the Alps.
Slicing Bar
Superior Dry Salamis
A narrower format than “Rosette de Lyon”, therefore a little drier. We offer our customers a slicing bar of Superior Dry Sausage, with a diameter of 75mm.
It is available in a natural version, with less fat (definitely not lacking in taste! …), but also, with inclusion of whole hazelnuts and whole walnuts.
Always looking for innovation in our type of products, we now offer a specialty of Dried Charolais Beef, made exclusively from Charolais French beef muscle, finely chopped, spiced and dried.
This low-fat (less than 5%), modern product allows us to respond to a more feminine clientele. Moreover, this speciality, which is easy to use when cold, is very competitive, compared with other foreign dried beef specialities.
The product is delivered peeled, vacuum-packed, in regular bars of about 5 kg.
“Rosette de Lyon”
“Rosette de Lyon” remains a cooked-meat product accessible to all, both organoleptically and economically. It is with consistently reliable skill that Chambost has built its reputation and acquired the loyalty of its customers for this product.
Our “Rosette de Lyon” slicing bars are available with several origins (French or European Union pork), conventional or organic, as well as bar sizes (whole, half or quarter).
We are also able to raise manufacturing requirements (part selection and process control) to offer the simplest possible “Rosette de Lyon” in terms of composition, with a single preservative, Potassium Nitrate (formerly Saltpetre, age-old preservative of dry cured meats).